Publication of Mahmoud Muhareb's "Israel's Nuclear Policy and its National Security Decision-making Process"

30 May, 2013

Mahmoud Muhareb's Israel's Nuclear Policy and its National Security Decision-making Process (156 pp.) was recently published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. The book is divided into two studies. The first tackles the official Israeli line of "nuclear ambiguity," focusing on the reasons behind the policy and its aims. The second examines Israel's strategic decision-making process and the extent to which the military establishment influences such decisions. The second study provides a broader examination of the ways in which various Israeli political, security, and military institutions play a part in drafting strategic policies, including those related to Israeli nuclear policy.

The two parts of the book are complementary, offering an incisive analysis of the components of Israeli nuclear policy, which has been shrouded in great secrecy since the beginnings of Israel's nuclear activities. The book as a whole reveals some of the more ambiguous aspects of the Israelis' nuclear project and their nuclear capabilities. In particular, it examines the extent of Israel's ability to strike back in the event of a nuclear attack. Israel's Nuclear Policy and its National Security Decision-making Process also underscores the Israeli military establishment's ability to act independently of its political leadership.

The book's insights into Israel's political decision-making apparatus and nuclear affairs come at a valuable time, particularly as an open military conflict, pitting Iran against Israel and the US, is becoming increasingly likely. Arab territories may be the scene of such a confrontation.

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