The Social Sciences and Humanities Conference is one of the main highlights of the academic calendar of ACRPS events. Held biennially since 2017 (formerly an annual event), the meeting is one of the highlights of the Arab academic scene, bringing together scholars from across the expanse of the social sciences and humanities.

For each session within the annual series, sessions are divided into two parallel tracks, each of which is devoted to one of two selected themes. The two research themes for each individual conference are chosen both to reflect pressing, topical issues affecting the Arab region and to enhance and promote original Arabic language scholarship in timeless themes within the topics in question.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Conference is also the venue when the winners of the Arab Prize, given to recognize the accomplishments of researchers in the Arab academy, are announced.

The ACPRS held its sixth annual Social Sciences and Humanities Conference in March 2017. The conference adopted two themes. The humanities contributors were posed the title theme of “Ethics in Islamo-Arab Civilization". The Social Sciences participants were given the theme of “Arab Youth: Emigration and the Future”. Themes for the previous five conferences, held in successive years beginning in 2011, were as follows:

Fifth Conference themes:

  1. The Arab city: Challenges of urbanization
  2. Freedom in contemporary Arab thought

Fourth Conference themes:

  1. The Role of Intellectuals in Historical Transformations
  2. Universities and Academic Research in the Arab World

Third Conference themes:

  1. "The Stages of Historical Transition: the Trajectory of the Arab Revolutions"
  2. "Development Policies and the Challenges Posed by the Revolution to Arab Countries".

Second Conference themes:

  1. "The Dialectic of Social Integration and the Building of Nation and State in the Arab Homeland"
  2. "Definition of Justice in the Arab Homeland today".

First Conference themes:

  1. From Hampered Growth to Sustainable Development: Which Socio-economic Policies for Arab Countries?
  2. Identity and Language in the Arab Homeland

The seventh Social Sciences and Humanities Conference will be held in March 2019, under the theme "Research Methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities". This topic is aimed at sparking a critical dialogue among the largest possible number of Arab academics working within the Social Sciences and Humanities in order to raise important and complex issues in their respective disciplines.