The ACRPS Conference "Islamists and Democratic Governance: Experiences and Future Directions" will continue for a third day on Monday, October 8, in Doha. This final day of the meetings will also allow for two open discussions, which are also open to the public. Both discussions will be centered on the question of political Islamists' participation in democratic transitions. The first of these, led by Abdulwahhab al-Afandi, will include contributions from Al Senousi Baskiri, Salem al-Fallahat (a well-known Islamist leader from Jordan), Abdulwahhab al-Ansi, and Islam Lutfi. The second discussion will be addressed by Iraqi Sunni leader Hareth al-Dhari, Yahya Waled al-Waqf, Ali Sadreldine al-Bayanouni, and Mohammed Jamil Mansour. This third and final day will also provide the ACRPS with an opportunity to host two well-known Islamist leaders, Khaled Meshaal of Palestine and Rachid Ghannouchi of Tunisia.

In addition to these discussions, the third and final day of the conference will provide the audience with an opportunity to listen to forthright discussions by Islamist leaders. The first of these will be by Rachid Ghannouchi of the En Nahda movement in Tunisia, who will deliver a lecture titled "The Islamist Movement and Questions of a Democratic Constitution". Khaled Meshaal, Palestinian politician and leader within Hamas movement, will follow this with his lecture, titled "The Islamist Movement and the Path to Governance in Complex Circumstances: Lessons Learned from the Hamas Experience".