"Chinese Strategy in the Arab Region" session
"Historical and Cultural Aspects of the Sino-Arab Relationship" session
"The "Belt and Road" and Sino-Arab Economic Interaction" session
"A Reading of Sino-Gulf Relations" session
"China's Position on the Arab-Israeli Conflict" session
"Chinese Policy towards the Arab Spring" session
"China's Relations with Non-Arab Regional Powers" session
"China's Relations with Arab States" session
Roundtable Discussion

​​Building on a series of previous conferences which focused on relations between the Arab world and other regions and countries, "The Arabs and China" will afford a venue for scholars to discuss the long history and the future prospects of relations between the Arab countries and peoples, and China. The conference, which opens in May of 2016, will focus on a wide range of topics, spanning Chinese involvement in Middle Eastern issues and economic and trade relations between Arab oil exporting countries and China.