The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies will host a one-day academic workshop on Saturday, December 10 on the implications of an imminent Trump presidency in the United States.

US businessman Donald Trump surprised political observers by winning the presidential election on November 8, 2016, confounding the expectations of most polling organizations and the mainstream media. Many are now closely examining the outcome of the presidential poll as evidence of much wider shifts in the American political landscape and demographics. The repercussions of the Trump electoral victory, however, will go far beyond North America, and the Arab world is eagerly awaiting to see what the future holds for US policies towards the region under Trump.

A total of 10 speakers will cover issues of US domestic politics; US foreign policy towards the Middle East under a Trump White House; and US foreign policies more globally.  Attendance at the workshop is open to the public in Qatar, with details available below. To RSVP, please send an email to the address below.


Please click here for the timetable for details of speakers and times for this event.
This event will take place at the new campus of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. Please click here for a map.