Programs and Projects

The Arab Center conducts a number of applied and theoretical research programs and projects in areas of interest to the Center’s overall research agenda in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  ​ Arab Opinion Index The Arab Opinion Index an annual survey conducted by the Arab Center in order to gauge Arab public opinion around a number of political, cultural, and social topics. The program is headed by a specialist statistician, leading a team of research assistants and experts in survey methods. 4
The Strategic Studies Unit ​The Strategic Studies Unit is tasked with producing in-depth critical studies on sensitive strategic and security issues in the Arab region and the world.12
Unit of State & Political Systems Studies This unit replaces the Democratic Transition Project and contains its activities. It seeks to build on the project’s research achievements, expanding its scope to encompass various aspects of the Arab state, the governance process, the evolution of political systems and public policymaking. The unit initiates research projects and studies related to the structure of the Arab state, the changes and transformations that have taken place and the challenges it faces, including the study of power and mechanisms of Arab governments, and the related constitutional, legal, legislative and regulatory issues both nationally and locally. 16
Economic Studies Unit The Economic Studies Unit at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is dedicated to performing economic research and analysis. It focuses on economic dynamics in Arab states, presenting policy options to promote sustainable development and enhance economic stability and resilience. 18
The Iranian Studies UnitThe Iranian Studies Unit was established by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) in March 2020, as a specialized platform providing in-depth study and analysis of Iran and its relationship with the Arab world.13
Palestinian National Movement ProjectAt the outset of 2016, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies launched a project to research and document the Palestinian national movement. The Center made dedicated efforts to creating a library of documents, papers, memos, testimonies and research surrounding the Palestinian cause. The project also aimed to make primary and secondary sources of information and data available to specialized researchers. The project includes a full bibliography of all publications related to the Palestinian cause. It works to monitor these resources and provide critical commentary of the most important, in addition to developing a regularly updated chronology of the events and developments relevant to the Palestinian issue. 6