About the Center

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is an independent research institution, dedicated to furthering scholarship in the social sciences and humanities.  Established in the autumn of 2010, as an Arabic language academic organization based in Doha, the Arab Center has another office in Beirut, and two sister organizations in Tunis and Washington, DC. Supervision of the Center is charged to a Board of Directors who work together with its founding General Director.

The ACRPS has succeeded in negotiating memorandums of understanding and agreements for academic cooperation with several Arab and international research institutions and universities. The Center’s sponsors and oversees a number of academic ventures, including the Doha Dictionary of the Arabic Language. Notably, the ACRPS is also the founding sponsor of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, which enrolled its first cohort of Master’s degree students in 2015. 

The ACRPS’ core team of resident research and administrative and technical staff are bolstered by Visiting Researchers who are based at the Center for a pre-determined duration of time. In addition, the ACRPS assigns research projects to external researchers and specialists. In this way, it works to train and equip academics to a global standard. 

The Center boasts a robust publishing record, having printed hundreds of academic titles and five peer reviewed journals. The Center also regularly brings together academics from around the Arab region and further afield to discuss issues of topical concern to scholars in the Arab region.  

Through its active research efforts, the Center contributes towards the creation and maintenance of a robust network of Arab researchers committed to societal advancement, and to bridging the gap between Arab academic institutions and those across the globe.