Beirut Office

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies registered its office in Beirut by Presidential Decree No. 8613 on 3 August 2012. The office was opened to pursue research in social, political, economic, security and media phenomena, in order to develop and enhance the study of humanities and the Social Sciences. The Center aims to inform public debate, and to support decision-making with independent and credible academic research. The Center actively engages in academic cooperation with national, regional and international institutions. 
The Beirut Office hosts the publishing and book translation units, in addition to undertaking the tasks of editing indexing and documentation. The office employs a group of academics, editors and specialists in book production workshops. To date, the Publications Unit has published 216 books on various topics. Having an office in Beirut allows the Arab Center to strengthen research cooperation with Lebanese scholars, institutions, and universities, in line with the objectives behind its establishment. The Beirut office seeks cooperation through memorandums of understanding with these institutions.
The branch organizes a number of working seminars, and holds workshops and conferences, foremost of which is the Annual Conference on Historical Studies. This conference has become a permanent feature of the Arab Center in Beirut. The products of the units and divisions in the Center's branch are all courted. All of the work produced by the Beirut is audited in keeping with the ACRPS standards.

Forums and workers