Books published by the ACRPS


​The Arab Center publishes a number of peer-reviewed academic papers in the Social Sciences, Culture and Philosophy, Political Science, and other academic fields. The papers presented at the conferences convened by the center are also published in book format. The Center undertakes the translation and publication of foreign language academic books into Arabic. The Center additionally publishes five peerreviewed journals: Tabayyun for Philosophical and Cultural Studies; Omran for Social Sciences; Siyasat Arabiya for Political Science and International Relations; and Ostour for Historical sources, along with Istishraf , the Annual Forecast.


Rashad Twam

The Army and its Role in Changing the Constitutional Regime

Multiple Authors

An Early Experience of the Modern Arab State (1918-1920)

Bilal Mohammed Shalash

A Study of Kassim Al-Rimawi’s Texts on Holy Jihad

Khaled Ziadeh

The Craft of Intellectuals and Jurisprudents

Hikmat Al-Abd Al-Rahman

A Historical Study on China’s Evolving Position

Taissier Khalaf

The Experience of Writer Hana Kasbani-Kourani

Multiple Authors

Research on Migration and Youth Prospects in the Region

Mustapha Khouas

Implications and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms

Azmi Bishara

Volume 1: A General Framework and Practical Contribution to Understanding the Phenomenon

Multiple Authors

Interests, Fears and Concerns in a Turbulent Environment

Multiple Authors

Agreeing on Policies following the Arab Spring

Amartya Sen

An Amartya Sen Work Comes to an Arabic Readership

Judith Butler

An Arabic translation of Judith Butler's Critique of Zionism

Cynthia Fleury

Cynthia Fleury title in Arabic translation

Mueen Al-Taher

Narratives of a Palestinian Resistance

Morad Diani

The latest work by ACRPS Researcher Morad Diani compares the aspirations of Tahrir Square to the "realist utopia" of Scandinavia

Te Descendants of Its Lesser Rural Notables, and Their Politics