January 25: Studies and Testimonies

16 July, 2013

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has recently published a new book entitled January 25: Studies and Testimonies (320 pages). The book is made-up of a selection of studies, testimonies, and eye-witness reports, and is prefaced by Saqr Abu Fakhr and contains the writings of multiple authors, including: Ahmad Bahaa al-Deen Shaban, Khalid Saeed, Abd al-Qadir Yaseen, Mohammad Husny, Imad Abd al-Lateef, Mohammad Faraj, Sayyid Daifallah, Majida Maurice, Mohammad Qaiati, Shaban Yusuf, and Nasir Hijazi. The book focuses on studies of the Egyptian Revolution's historical context, and the economic, political, and social factors that underpinned it, in addition to studies on art, and its visual manifestations during the revolution, and the language employed, with its novel characteristics. On a different note, the book also examines the Egyptian opposition and its demarche during the Hosni Mubarak era, as well as the Arab, Israeli, and international reactions to the revolution. Abd al-Rahman al-Abanudi, Sayyid Hijab, Muhammad al-Bahiri, and Abd al-Rahman Yusuf have written sections of the book in the midst of the revolution.

This book represents an addition to the growing literature on the January 25 revolution in Egypt, and constitutes necessary references for the study of this crucial phase in the history of this region and its populations.

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