Mission and Vision

The Center was founded on the ideal that the social sciences and humanities have an invaluable role to play in Arab societal development. Specifically, the ACRPS was founded on the belief that social development is predicated on an awareness of the historical circumstances, culture and language of Arab societies.  
In furtherance of this vision, the Center seeks to achieve its fundamental objectives by undertaking academic initiatives and activities to address the economic, political, social and cultural conditions in the Arab region. The Center provides critical analysis and evaluation of public policy and undertakes research in to the challenges that currently face the Arab nation. These areas of interest include, but are not limited to, citizenship and identity, democracy and tyranny, fragmentation and unity, sovereignty and subordination, social justice, scientific and technological stagnation, development, and co-operation between Arab society and state. The Arab Center works to further academic research and rational thinking in understanding issues that affect state and society. The ACRPS is committed to the intellectual renaissance of the Arab countries through the enhancement of academic scholarship. By promoting the use of the Arabic language as a medium for academic communication, the Center is additionally working to ensure that Arabic continues to be a thriving, living language. This is further enhanced by the work of the Doha Dictionary of the Arabic Language.    The Center is not only concerned with what are commonly called “Arab issues”, but also attempts to take international perspectives on board. The ACRPS examines the relations of the Arab States with their neighbors in Asia and Africa, as well as the US, European and Asian policies that affect the political, economic and media dynamics of the region. ​