Akil Mahfoud and Turkey's Foreign Policy

24 July, 2012

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies has recently published a book by Akil Said Mahfoud entitled Turkey's Foreign Policy: Continuity-Change (398 pages of broadsheet). This book examines Turkey's foreign policy, a difficult issue for recent Arab political writings, as they failed to present a scientific understanding of the Turkish phenomenon and the rise of Turkey's role in the Middle East, particularly after the Justice and Development Party took power in Turkey. The book aims to provide a new approach to Turkey's foreign policy, with the books main sections covering Europe, the US, Central Asia, and the Middle East. The author argues that the strengthening of Turkey's orientation toward the East aims at acquiring significant amounts of power and prestige in order to push toward the West. The book, moreover, investigates the objectives, roles, and strategies imposed by the dynamics of continuity and change in foreign policy, including the idea of "resetting problems," or the "zero problem," policy, which means - in depth - not solving problems, but softening and constraining them through the adoption of fluid and temporary tactical alliances, according to interests. The book includes 12 charts on Turkish imports and exports, 27 diagrams, eight maps, and the results of a public opinion poll on the Turkish perception of Iranians.

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