The Historical Studies Annual Conference

Sixth Round

Beirut, Lebanon 21 February, 2014

The Annual Conference for Historical Studies is held by the ACRPS in April of every year. The yearly event is devoted to the furthering of academic research in history and historiography in the Arab region, and to fostering collegiality and networking opportunities amongst Arab historians. All submissions to the conference are subject to the same academic standards as all of the ACRPS scholarly events and journal publications.

The ACPRS held its first Annual Conference on Historical Studies from 21-23 February 2014, focusing on the theme "Oral History: Concepts, Methods, and Research in the Arab World." The second conference was held between February 20 and 22 adopting the theme, "the First World War, 100 Years On: Perspectives from the Arab World"

The Center held the third annual conference on historical studies on "Arab History and Historiography: How was Arab history written, and how is it being written today?" from 22 to 24 April 2016.  The fourth annual conference of historical studies was held on the 21 and 22 April 2017. The theme of the most recent conference was "Marj Dabiq to Sykes-Picot: The Arabs from Sultanates to Nation States".

The fifth session of the conference will be held in April 2018 centered on the theme of "The Palestinian Nakba in Arab Historical Writing".