On Thursday September 20, 2018, Arab Center Washington DC will hold its third annual conference titled "The Arab World Beyond Conflict" from 9 am to 5 pm.

Mainstream rhetoric on the conflicts in the Arab region and and international policy conversations maintain a narrow focus on the conflicts themselves and on ad hoc policies, thus ignoring the root causes and broader societal development.

Arab Center Washington DC's mission focuses on serious research on political phenomena and developments with a commitment to just and peaceful resolutions to conflicts as well as to human rights, democracy, and human development. To that end, ACW is pleased to dedicate its third annual conference to the study of "The Arab World Beyond Conflict," focusing on exploring paths to ending strife across the region as well as addressing important issues in Arab societies beyond the narrow lens of conflict. As such, the sessions will scrutinize issues related to resolving the underlying root causes of conflict. The sessions will scrutinize issues related to resolving the root causes of conflict (internal, regional, and international factors), initiating and furthering the reconstruction of Arab societies and Governments (including government reforms, transitional justice, rule of law, and development), and building models of inclusive citizenship and equality to overcome sectarization.

As a nonprofit, independent, and nonpartisan research center focused on the Arab world and US-Arab relations, ACW remains committed in its mission to further democracy, civil liberties, human rights, and just and peaceful resolutions to conflict. This year's conference was designed with this precise objective in mind.

The morning keynote addressing the paths to ending and preventing conflicts will be presented by H.E.  Amatalalim Alsoswa, former Yemeni Minister of Human Rights and former UN Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant Administrator of UNDP, and Director of its Regional Bureau for Arab States. A number of prominent academics and experts from the Arab region and the United States will present their research and take part in in-depth discussions on future models for citizenship in Arab countries.

The conference is expected to attract more than 400 attendees from think tanks, academic institutions, government personnel, media, and the general public. To view the full agenda and to register to attend, please visit the website at http://arabcenterdc.org/events/the-arab-world-beyond-conflict/