An ACRPS conference on democratic transition in the Arab context will open on Friday, 22 September in the Tunisian town of Hamemet. The three-day meeting, titled "Arab Youth, the Generational Shift and Democratic Transition", will focus specifically on the role of youth in effecting the Arab democratic transition. The 2017 conference continues an annual tradition of a series of meetings devoted to studying democratization in the Arab context, generally held in the final quarter of each year.

The presentations were selected from a pool of 71 applicants chosen by the Academic Committee responsible for overseeing the proceedings. A total of 37 approved participants, reflecting a wide range of academic disciplines, will present their work in 12 sessions.

The panelists will address at least one of the following themes: conceptual bases of a generational shift, youth and youth movements in the public sphere; a generational understanding of the democratic transition, seen through a number of Arab case studies; state policies towards the Arab youth; Arab university students and questions of the democratic transition; the demographics of the Arab revolutions; and Arab youth and the challenges of transition.