The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is holding the Tenth Annual Conference on Democratic Transition, titled "The Second Wave of the Arab Uprisings: Sudan and Algeria", from 9-12 October 2021. Attendance of the conference, which will be held on Zoom and livestreamed across Arab Center Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) is now open for registration.

Twenty-two peer-reviewed studies will be presented (in Arabic language) over four days, covering many angles of the democratic transition that two countries have experienced over the past three years. The conference will review the Sudanese and Algerian political transition processes in light of local, regional and external stressors. The papers, which were selected after peer-review, represent a wide-range of theoretical and applied research, and seek to stimulate thought for further research on topics related to change and reform in the Arab countries. Topics covered include the roles of local forces, whether social movements, women, or non-state armed forces, the challenges of managing transitional stages, civil-military relations, development and economic problems, and constitutional building efforts. Other papers explore the roles of regional and international powers in supporting or obstructing the paths of change.

Those interested in participating in the conference, specialists and researchers, as well as the general public, are welcome to register for the sessions according to the agenda below.

* To register for the conference sessions, the agenda is attached.

** For information, the conference booklet is attached.