The ongoing Ukrainian crisis has become ever more complicated, becoming one of the most serious conflicts to threaten Russian-Western relations since the end of the Cold War. In light of recent escalation as a result of the Russian mobilisation on the Ukraine border, and Western fears of an imminent Russian invasion, observers are predicting potential outcomes of the heightened tensions.

Given the importance of the topic and its potential impact in Europe and the world, including the Arab region, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is holding an academic symposium titled “The Ukrainian Crisis: Regional and International Implications,” on Tuesday, 22 February 2022, at 16:00 in auditorium 2 at the ACRPS in Doha. Researcher Marwan Kabalan, Director of the Political Studies Unit, will be joined by Nikolai Kozanov, Research Associate at the Center for Gulf Studies at Qatar University and Daniel Bromberg, Associate Professor at Georgetown University for this timely panel.