The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Institute for Palestine Studies are extending the deadline to submit applications to participate in the Annual Palestine Forum until 31 May 2022. This extension has been granted in response to the request of many interested researchers to extend the period available to them to submit their applications.

The “Annual Palestine Forum,” is an academic conference organized by the two institutions to provide a space for both Palestinian and non-Palestinian researchers from all over the world to present papers related to Palestinian history, the Palestinian struggle, the apartheid regime, settler colonialism, Zionism, social and economic conditions under occupation, national liberation movements, the status of Palestine in Arab and international relations, public opinion and other relevant topics. The first round will be held in late January 2023.

This conference will serve as an opportunity for researchers who are already working on papers for publication to present and discuss in the manner of large-scale academic conferences. Participants who do not wish to submit research are nonetheless encouraged to register in advance to secure their attendance.

The Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies invite researchers interested in the Palestinian cause, including young researchers and recent PhD holders, to submit their papers in topics related to Palestine, including but not limited to:

  • Policy and strategy analysis (local, regional, and international).
  • Patterns of Palestinian resistance.
  • Palestinian displacement.
  • The Nakba, Memory, and Oral History.
  • Historical writing of Palestine and the Palestinian people.
  • The Palestinian community on both sides of the Green Line and in the diaspora.
  • Zionism, Society and State in Israel.
  • Gender studies.
  • Political Economy and Development Studies.
  • Human rights and law.
  • Settler colonialism and apartheid.
  • Indigenous studies.
  • Security and military studies and the war economy.
  • Demography and Population.
  • Trauma studies.
  • Space and place studies.

Note that this list in non-exhaustive and the organizing committee is open to receiving studies on other topics relating to Palestine.

Participation Regulations

  • Once submitted, papers that have been reviewed and selected by the organizing committee will undergo a peer-review process. Following the peer-review, the papers will be assigned to specific conference sessions according to topic.
  • The organizing committee will receive research proposals (maximum 500 words), accompanied by an up-to-date academic CV of the researcher, in Arabic or English, no later than 31 May 2022. The proposal should include the research problem and hypotheses, methodology and theoretical frameworks used, and a description of the contribution made by the paper to its field in terms of its approach or conclusion. Use the application form to submit your research proposal.
  • If the research is already complete, a 300-word abstract can be submitted in place of a proposal and the paper can be directly sent for peer-review.
  • The participants will be notified of the selection of their paper, which may be subject to amendment, within two weeks of sending the proposal. Unsuccessful submissions will also be notified.
  • Research proposals selected by the Conference Committee should be followed up with a full paper (6000-9000 words) for peer-review no later than 15 September 2022.
  • A specialized committee will review the research and will be obligated to inform the researcher of the paper’s finalization or of any amendment requests no later than two months after receiving the full paper. The organizing committee reserves the right to withdraw papers that have been deemed unsuitable once they have been received in full and reviewed.
  • The conference committee's approval of the research proposal does not automatically guarantee the final paper’s inclusion in the conference.

 All correspondence should be directed to: annualpalestineforum@dohainstitute.org

* Those who are interested in participating in the conference without submitting research Forum registration will open for scholars and those interested in research on Palestine at the beginning of October 2022.

Conference venue: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Doha, Qatar.

Conference language: Arabic and English.

For any inquiries, please contact: annualpalestineforum@dohainstitute.org