The Arabic translation of The Philosophy of Enlightenment by German philosopher Ernst Cassirer has won the fourth Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding. Announced on Wednesday 4 December 2018, the book took the first place in the German-English category. The book was translated by Ibrahim Abu Hashhash and published in Arabic by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. The global award is supervised by a Board of Trustees, a Steering Committee and independent judging committees. The award honors translators for their role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between different nations and peoples. It rewards excellence, encourages creativity, and promotes high values, diversity, pluralism and openness.

The Arab Center published The Philosophy of Enlightenment as part of it “Tarjaman” translation series. This is the second win for the Arab Center, which took home the prize last year with the book Humiliation in International Relations: A Pathology of Contemporary International Systems by Bertrand Badie. It was translated from French to Arabic by Jean Majid Jabbour.