The Sudan Polling Survey Center in Khartoum held a special seminar on March 30, 2012 to discuss the 2011 results of the Arab Opinion Index, which is the primary basis of the ACRPS's Arab Public Opinion Project. The seminar was dedicated to examining the results related to Sudan in greater detail and an explanation of the survey's methodology.

The Survey Center played host to 80 Sudanese academics and journalists, with participants coming to the symposium from a variety of Sudanese think tanks, universities, political parties, and activists. Dr. Khaled Makeen and Dr. Rashed Abdulbasit, from the Survey Center, gave a broad overview of the main results, which covered the entire Arab Homeland, and focused specifically on the results as they related to Sudanese public opinion. The two speakers related these findings to the internal political dynamics of their country.

Following the presentation, attendees at the symposium furthered the discussion by proposing that a further survey, focusing specifically on the formation of Sudan's domestic public opinion, which one of the participants suggested has a "dynamic of its own".