The Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language has is the first historical dictionary to be completed. The project aims to provide the researcher with rich lexical data to understand the historical course of the Arabic language. This dictionary is an open record with a cumulative structure that allows those who use it to monitor the evolving meanings of Arabic words and their structure over time, based on living evidence, and document the history and frequency of their use, and their origin, expansion and survival.

The Dictionary will hold its third international conference “The Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language and Its Scientific and Cultural Dimensions,” seeking to connect the historical and cultural dimensions of the Arabic lexicon with the scientific and cognitive context in which words emerged and developed, their social and economic application, and their historical relevance.

The Doha Historical Dictionary was launched by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies on 25 May 2013 and, subsequently, the first phase was completed on 10 December 2018 and made available to the readers through a multi-service portal (https http://www.dohadictionary.org). This phase documented the Arabic language from the oldest available document up to the year 200 AH. As preparations are being made for the completion of the second phase, which extends to the year 500 AH, with the intention of starting to address the words of the third stage extending to the present day, the Third International Conference highlights the scientific and cultural dimensions that can be monitored in this important achievement that describes, so far, a lexical journey during ten centuries of Arabic history.

  1. The main objectives of the conference:
    1. Conducting research on the scientific dimensions of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language and the opportunities it provides to contribute to the humanities and social and natural sciences.
    2. Research on the cultural dimensions of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language and its role in deepening the understanding of Arab culture, thought and patterns of development.
    3. Studying the possible role of the historical lexicon of the Arabic language in monitoring the mutual influence of science and culture between Arabic and other languages.
    4. Studying the methodology adopted in creating historical dictionaries and comparing it with the methodology of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic language.
  1. Conference themes:
    1. The scientific dimensions of the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language
  1. The Dictionary and the scientific description of our language.
  1. The Dictionary and the development of concepts and terms.
  • The Dictionary and scientific research.
  1. The Dictionary and Arab intellectual, scientific and cultural achievement.
  1. Comparative studies in the approach to building the Dictionary in the presentation of words:
    1. The structure of the lexical entry.
  1. Types of information in the Dictionary.
  1. Cultural dimensions of the Dictionary
  1. The dictionary and social development.
  1. The development of the words in the Dictionary
  • Cultural Mixing in the Dictionary
  1. Participation guidelines:
  2. The research must be original, prepared for this conference specifically, and not published in whole or in part anywhere else.
  3. The research proposal should be in the range of 1200-1500 words.
  4. The research must be accompanied by an academic biography of the researcher (100-150 words).
  5. The research proposal and bio should be sent with an email stating the full name, job description, place of employment and contact details of the applicant, along with the title of the research to conference@dohainstitute.org.
  6. The research will be subject to peer-review.
  7. Research can be submitted and presented in Arabic or English.
  8. The research papers of participants will be published in their final and complete format.
  9. Conference Arrangements:
  10. The conference will be held in attendance so long as public health conditions permit.
  11. Travel, visa and accommodation costs are covered by the organisers.
  12. Important dates:

28/2/2022: Deadline to submit research proposal.

20/3/2022: Final deadline to respond to applicants.

1/5/2022: Deadline for final research paper submission.

10-11/5/2022: Conference date.

For all inquiries and to apply please email: dohadictionary.conference@dohainstitute.org.