شعار مؤسسة الدراسات الفلسطينية

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Institute for Palestine Studies have opened the registration portal for people who are interested in the Palestinian cause to attend the Annual Palestine Forum on 28-30 January 2023 in Doha. Attendees will benefit from presentations on a wide variety of multi-disciplinary topics.

The forum will provide a dynamic academic space for researchers to present their studies on Palestine, its history, the Palestinian cause, settler-colonialism and apartheid, Palestine in both the Arab regional and international contexts, and numerous other interrelated topics.

The event is unique opportunity for anyone interested in the Palestinian cause to gather and exchange ideas and knowledge in a scholarly environment. It will provide an important lever for generating streamlined research on Palestine and the many related topics, enhancing the centrality of the Palestinian cause and international and Arab interest in it.

Interested parties and individuals (who are not submitting papers) can register to attend the conference between 1 October and 31 December 2022 by filling out and submitting the online application form. Attendance will be reserved on a first come first served basis due to limited seating.

Registration Procedure

Fill out the online application form and submit it no later than 31 December 2022. Keep in mind that the two institutions will accept a limited number of applicants.

Please note that the Arab Center will only process the entry visa to the State of Qatar and cover accommodation upon request.