The Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies Unit at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is organizing an academic symposium titled “The Gulf Novel: Parallel Sociology”.

The event, to be held on 20-21 January 2024, will explore the way Gulf novels have represented Gulf countries’ communities and societal structures, and will discuss whether examining these representations could help deepen our understanding about Gulf societies.

The agenda includes 5 panels, featuring 10 expert participants, and a roundtable, featuring 8 prominent Gulf novelists. The sessions will examine the questions of identity, society representation, historical memory, women, the different other, and how they were all presented in the Gulf novel.

The symposium will be held in person in Auditorium (2) of the Cultural Building at the Arab Center headquarters in Doha starting on 20 January at 6 PM, and will run throughout 21 January, starting on 9:15 AM. The sessions will be livestreamed on ACRPS social media.

* Symposium agenda attached.