The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the sixth issue (Spring 2023) of Hikama, the biannual peer-reviewed public administration and public policy journal. This special issue on "Judicial Independence Policies in Arab Countries" includes the following three articles: "Judicial Independence in the Arab World: Judicial Review Institutions and High Juridical Councils,” by Mahmoud Hamad; “Judiciable Independence in Morocco: Constitutional Guarantees, Current Practice, and Prospects,” by Ahmed Moufid; and “Independence of the Judiciary in Jordan: Texts, Policies and Challenges,” by Khaled H. Shnikat. It also contains one policy paper, namely “Iraq's Judiciary: Problems of Unrestricted Independence;” by Firas Mekkiya. In addition to the judiciary papers, there are two other articles in the issue: "Government Size and Economic Growth: The Impact of the Arab Spring;” by Mohamad Gaber Elsayed; and “The Egyptian Zakat and Charity House: The Social Role of Al-Azhar between Community Service & State Support;” by Mohamed Gamal Ali.

The issue presents a translation of "Regimes and the Rule of Law: Judicial Independence in Comparative Perspective" by Gretchen Helmke and Frances Rosenbluth (translated by Thaer Deeb). Finally, the issue contains two reviews: Judges and Democratization: Judicial Independence in New Democracies, by Hala Abdelgawad, and Government AI Readiness Index 2022 by Abdou Moussa El-Bermawy.

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