The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published Issue 14 (September/October 2023) of the peer-reviewed journal Al-Muntaqa: New Perspectives on Arab Studies. The issue includes the following studies: “Political Culture and Democratic Transition: A Reassessment” by Azmi Bishara; “From Modernization to Communalism: The Remaking of Iraqi Politics and the Hollowing-Out of the State since 2003” by Harith Hasan; “The Political Culture of Young Nubians in Egypt: The Return Movement” by Ahmed Abdelmawgoud Elshenawy; “The Evolution and Impact of the Sports Boycott of Israel” by Ihab Maharmeh; and “Frankincense’s Ritual Uses in Oman: An Anthropological Study” by Hajer Harrathi.

Al-Muntaqa 14 also features an analysis of Arab Opinion Index data, “Public Opinion Trends in Tunisia 2022”, by Wajd Beshara. It concludes with two book review essays. Ahmed Idrees reviews Bilal Awad Salameh’s On the Meaning of Land: Reclaiming the Palestinian Selfhood and Ahmed Qassem Hussein reviews ed. Morad Diani’s Issues of Methodology in Political Science, History, Law, and Demography.