The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published their seventh yearbook, Istishraf. It includes the following studies: “Climate Change Challenges and Future Challenges for the Transition to "Green Jobs": Criticism of the Capitalist Perspective” by Elhoucine Chougrani; “Exploring the Futures of Research Work in the Social Sciences and Humanities” by Jamal Barout and Morad Diani; “Forecasting the Futures of Medical Practice and their Stakes in the Arab World” by the Editorial Board; “The Future of Women's Participation in the Arab Labour Market: Partial Econometric Analysis of the Case of North African Countries” by Brahim Morchid and Aomar Ibourk; “Towards Forecasting the Future of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Arab countries” by Mohamed Abderazak Hussein and Monged Abdalla; and “The Future of Work Considering the Artificial Intelligence Revolution” by the Editorial Board. 

The issue also includes Aoumria Soltani’s translation of the study: “The Future of Work: A Systematic Literature Review” by Rebecca Mitchell, Yun Shen, and Lan Snell. Finally, the Editorial Board presents a critical review of the book The Workplace you need now: Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work. The issue also contains a section dedicated to future topics, including the Editorial Board’s translations of “The Gulf Crisis and the Transformations of Power Politics: A Systemic Crisis in a Political Context Marked by Weakness” by Bertrand Badie and “How will we live in 2050?” by Cécile Désaunay. The section also includes the articles: “Forecasting the Impact of Technological Development on Modern Wars and the Military Power of Small States” by Fahad Hamad Aladba, “The Metaverse: An Expansion of Surveillance Capitalism?” by Kevin Jae and “Habitus of the Future: The Structuring Effect of our Relationship with Technology” by Ralph Mercer.