The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the eighteenth issue of their biannual peer-reviewed journal Ostour for historical studies. This issue includes the articles: “The Problem of Hadith Codification: The History of the "Hadith of Separation" (ḥadīth al-iftirāq) and Its Reproduction and Representation among Islamic Sects” by Mohammad Jamal Barout; “The Catastrophe of Abū Ayyūb al-Mūryānī: Ahvazi Vizier in the Court of the Abbasid Caliphate” by Aref Abdollah Nasr; Approaching Historical Demography through Biographical Dictionaries: The Scholars of 8-9th Century AH/14-15th Century CE as an Example” by Hichem Smairi; “Pig Breeding in 19th Century Morocco: A Study in the History of Taboos” by Basraoui Yahya; and “Representations of the Ottoman-Turkish Past in Arabic Discourse and the Formation of the Collective Arab Memory: The Case of MK Atatürk” by Soumaya Louhichi.

The issue features Ali Hakim Saleh’s translation of “Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas” by Quentin Skinner as well as two book reviews: The Sociology of Values, the Ethics of Society and Authority in Andalusia and Medieval Morocco by Abdelhadi El Biade, and From the Memory of the Oasis of Figuig: A Documentary Collection (1882-1912) by Ahmed Bouhsane. Bilal Mohammed Shalash also contributes “Emergency Telephone: The June 1967 War and Its

Impact on Nablus as Reflected in the Correspondence between Hamdi Kanaan and Akram Zuaytir” to the Primary Sources section.

The issue further contains the research of the Ostour Symposium on The Experience of Historical Writing in Morocco, including: “Introductory Remarks: Reflections on Economic History” by Noureddine El Aoufi; “The Moroccan Experience of Writing Morocco's Economic History in the Modern Period” by Othman Emansouri; “Writing Economic History in Morocco: The Path of Production and the Question of Method” by Tayeb Biad “Women's Echo in Moroccan Historical Writings: Initial Findings of Historical Research” by Latifa El Bouhsini; and “The Paths of Social History in the Moroccan University: My Experience of Researching the Topic of Slavery in the Medieval Islamic West” by Abdelilah Benmlih.