The second round of the Annual Palestine Forum is scheduled for 10-12 February 2024, in Doha/Qatar. The event is organized by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in cooperation with the Institute for Palestine Studies. Forum coordinator, Ayat Hamdan, indicated that the forum committees are currently undergoing the peer-review process of over 200 research papers, selected from the submission of 520 research proposals. This high turnout can be attributed to the significance of the research topic as well as the huge success of the inaugural round, held in January 2023 with the participation of Palestinian and other researchers from around the globe. The forum seeks to fill a gap by providing a framework for researchers and those interested in Palestinian affairs to gather and share insight.

The Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies also opened registration for those wishing to attend without submitting a research paper at the beginning of September 2023, and applications to attend will continue to be received until the end of November 2023. The demand is high, despite limited places and no funding allocated to cover travel expenses. Nevertheless, the Arab Center and the Institute for Palestine Studies invite those interested to register to attend the forum, participate in the discussions, and benefit from the research presented alongside specialized lectures and symposia.

The Annual Palestine Forum represents an unparalleled opportunity for researchers and those interested in Palestine to present and discuss their work, exposing each other to new research trends for Palestine studies, and fostering an interactive academic environment. It is a space for participants to share new and innovative perspectives, exchange ideas and contribute to the production of knowledge on Palestine.