The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 56th issue of the bimonthly peer-reviewed political science and international relations journal, Siyasat Arabiya.

This special issue on "Studies on the Horn of Africa," includes the articles: "Somalia's State-Building Project Dilemma: Obstacles and Structural Gaps" by Mohamed A. Razak Hussein & Tamer Qarmout; "The Development of Civil-Military Relations in Ethiopia" by Madoukh Ajmi Al-Otaibi; and "Understanding the Secession of Somaliland: History of the Formation and Failure of the Somali State (1960 - 1991)" by Suhaib Mahmoud. Also included is “Appraisal of India's Policy towards the Gulf Crisis (2017-2021)” by Emad Kaddorah; and “Exclusion Strategy and Sectarianization of the Idlib Governorate in Syria” by Samer Bakkour & Rama Sahtout.

The issue presents a debate paper titled “The Decline of Grand Theory: A Critique of Analytical Eclecticism in International Relations,” by Sidahmed Goudjili, followed by Mohammed Hemchi’s paper “What Analytical Eclecticists do with Grand Theories: Collectors or Selectors?”

The issue includes a paper on the Arab Opinion Index by Hicham Raïq, "The Digital Divide and Political Apathy: A Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis of a Sample of Arab Opinion Index Data." Also included in this issue is documentation of Milestones in Democratic Transition in the Arab World and Palestine over two months, 1/3-30/4/2022, along with select Documents of Democratic Transition in the Arab World.

The issue ends with Hikmat al-Abd al-Rahman’s review of The European Union and the Arab Region: Problematic Issues from a Realist Perspective by Ahmed Qasem Hussein.