The ACRPS has published the 45th edition of Tabayyun, a special issue on “Contemporary Political Culture”. This issue includes the following articles: “Political Culture: General Remarks” by Azmi Bishara; “Culture as a Weapon: Culture Wars in the United States and Egypt” by Abdelwahab El-Affendi; “Affective Attitudes and Democratic Political Culture” by Raja Bahloul; and “Political Culture in a Time of Cultural Diversity: Civilizational Patterns in the Face of Normative Extremism” by Youssouf Zedam.

The issue also includes the articles “Secularism and Theology: Contemporary Theological and Philosophical Readings of the Relation of the Enlightenment and Modernity with Religious Thought” by Najib George Awad and “The Pride of the City and the Audacity of the Philosopher” by Mohamed el-Hadi Omari.

The issue concludes with Kamel Terchi's review of The Frankfurt School: Its History, Theory and Political Significance, by Rolf Wiggershaus, and Mohamed Lachhab's review of the two-volume Theory of Communicative Action by Jürgen Habermas.