Studies 30 August, 2023

Popular Political Opinions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since 2011: Insights from the Arab Opinion Index

Yara Nassar

​​Researcher, Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

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​Alongside a volatile security situation in the West Bank, humanitarian circumstances in the Gaza Strip continue to deteriorate. In both territories, these dire conditions are driven by an ongoing political reality imposed by Israeli settler colonialism. This brief analysis examines popular opinions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip toward certain political issues in order to highlight major differences of opinion between people in both territories. This analysis utilizes data provided by the Arab Opinion Index (AOI), an annual survey conducted since 2011 by the Public Opinion Polling Unit at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, where a total of 13,400 respondents in Palestine have been surveyed.

* This study was published in the 12th issue of AlMuntaqa, a peer-reviewed academic journal for the social sciences and humanities. You can read the full paper here.