On Tuesday, 4 January 2022, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies will launch the third round of its Winter School that will address the theme of “Variations in Populism”.

The Winter School will address a set of intricately woven topics arising from the following questions: to what extent are the current definitions adequate for analyzing emerging cases of populism? Are the empirical tools developed to measure populist attitudes valid and comprehensive?

This Winter School, which is built on the success of its previous rounds in 2020 and 2021, establishing a new academic tradition in the Arab world, will follow a hybrid model, with participants, lecturers, and discussants attending both remotely and in-person.

Eighteen researchers will present their papers across varying specializations that range from conceptualizing to cross-regional comparisons of populism. The ten days of the Winter School include lectures by both Arab Center researchers and external specialists on the study of Populism, in which they will provide the participants with an in-depth and critical readings of their research projects and papers.

*** For more information, please see the Winter School Program Booklet and Timetable