The Arab Prize for the Advancement of Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is delighted to announce the expansion of the Arab Prize for the Advancement of Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. The prize, initially created in 2011, encourages Arab researchers in the Arab World and beyond to engage in productive and creative research projects on issues relating to the development, structure and transformations of Arab societies and their journey towards unity, independence, democracy and human development. It will now be granted to three of the papers submitted to the Social Sciences and Humanities Conference held by the Center every two years.

About the Prize

Candidates hoping to win the prize should submit a paper meeting all the standards of the Social Sciences and Humanities Conference. These papers are expected to provide an academic framework within which practical questions are posed and answered – questions rooted in reality and showing a moral commitment to shared human values and a keen awareness of the problems and aspirations of Arab societies. They are expected to adopt a rigorous methodology meeting global standards while taking into account local specificity.

Candidates whose papers are accepted to the Conference must formally apply in writing to be considered for the Prize.

Prize Details

The three winners will receive:

  • An award certificate.
  • A financial award of 10,000 US dollars.
  • A research grant of 40,000 US dollars, to be used either to develop the winning study or to propose an alternative research project. In both cases the project to be pursued must meet the Center’s criteria for research grants and must be completed within a period of one year. Grant payments and oversight of the project will take place according to standard procedure.