Studies 23 January, 2024

The Political Culture of Young Nubians in Egypt: The Return Movement

Ahmed Abdelmawgoud Elshenawy

​Professor of Anthropology, the National Center for Social and Criminological Research, Egypt.

This article examines the role of Nubian political culture in galvanizing acrobat Icon public action around a return to “Old Nubia”. It explores the achievements of Nubian Return Movement, and whether taking part therein correlates with a degree of awareness and political culture. The analysis interrogates the conception of this return among young Nubians, using qualitative data and Clifford Geertz’s “interpretation of cultures” approach. The article concludes that the political values promoted by the 2011 Egyptian Revolution heralded the emergence of a novel political culture among young Nubians that has revitalized the return, but lacks the necessary tools to rectify the issue.

* This Article was published in the 14th issue of AlMuntaqa, a peer-reviewed academic journal for the social sciences and humanities. You can read the full paper here.