The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies held the third round of the Arab Graduate Students Conference at its premises in Doha from 26 to 28 March 2022. . The Conference welcomed research from a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences and humanities.

The three days of the conference included 10 sessions, in which 46 researchers, from various Western Universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe, have presented their research papers in parallel. The papers, based on the participants doctoral theses, explored topics across political science and international relations, sociology and anthropology, history, conflict and security studies, media and cultural studies, and literature. Finally, more than 30 specialized professors provided tailored feedback on these papers.

The conference was opened by Dr Haider Saeed, Head of the ACRPS Research Department, with a presentation covering the Arab Center’s projects, publications, and journals. He pointed out that this conference is organized as part of the ACRPS activities to create an interactive research space between Arab students in Western universities and the Arab academic environment.

In turn, Dr Abdulwahab El-Affendi, President of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, gave a speech in which he presented the study programs and projects at the Doha Institute and pointed out the Doha Institute's endeavor to create an Arab academic space that overcomes the obstacles related to language and culture, which Arab students usually face in Western universities.

The closing session saw the Executive Director of the Arab Center, Dr Mohammad AlMasri, accompanied by the Conference Organizing Committee, open a discussion with the participants. He praised the outcomes of the conference and indicated that it had succeeded in achieving its endeavour to bridge the gap between Arab researchers in Western universities and Arab researchers in the Arab region to serve the transmission of ideas and experiences and prelude the formation of joint research networks.

AlMasri also stressed that the end of the conference does not mean an end to the relationship between researchers, but rather serves as the beginning of the establishment of a research and professional relationship between institutions and researchers in the Arab region. The session was concluded with a dialogue about recommendations to further develop the conference in the future.

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