The seventh Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities was hosted by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies from 18 to 25 March, 2017. 

On Saturday 23 March 2018 the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies launched the 7th Social Sciences and Humanities Conference in Doha. Due to huge participation, the sessions ran in four parallel tracks every day, with a total of 72 papers being presented. The vast array of topics covered over the three days includes Philosophy; Epistemology; Sociology; Anthropology; Historiography; Geography; Economics; Public Policy; Psychology and many more, focusing on research methods. 

The conference opening envolved a lecture presented by Abdellah Hammoudi on "The Question of Methodology in the Present Day: Efforts in Creating an Arab Social Sciences and Humanities". The papers were split into the four tracks: Philosophical and Epistemological Approaches to Research Methods; Research Methods for New Theology (Kalam); Approaches to Political Science and International Relations Methods; and Sociological and Anthropological Research Methods.

The conference program includes 37 sessions divided into four tracks, running simultaneously. It deals with various aspects of research methods in the fields of social and human sciences, such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology, history, psychology, and linguistics. In addition to visiting and associate researchers at the ACRPS, the conference will include professors and students of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and scholars from the Doha Historical Dictionary of the Arabic Language, with guests from Arab universities and research institutions.