The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies will convene a one-day symposium focusing on the repercussions of the drop in oil prices on oil exporting countries. Proceedings at “The Oil Price Drop: Repercussions for Oil Exporters” shall elaborate on the factors that control the global price of oil, and study and understand the implications of the long term decline in benchmark oil prices  on oil exporting countries. Specifically, the deliberations will examine how repeated price drops affect the rentier economic policies of these countries, in particular economic development policies; social security policies and service provision as a result of these price drops; and the resilience of government policies amongst oil exporters in the face of such changes. Participants are additionally invited to examine specific case studies of oil exporters, such as the GCC states, Iraq, Algeria and Russia; as well as to consider the implications of oil price drops on oil importers.

Registration for the meeting opens on Saturday, November 7 between 08:00 AM and 9.00 AM at the Al Mukhtasar Hall in Doha’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Further details of the event, which is open to the public, can be found in the background paper and in the event page. Simultaneous translation between Arabic and English will be provided throughout all of the sessions.