On Wednesday 6 October 2021, the Political Studies Unit at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is holding an academic symposium titled “Early Parliamentary Elections in Iraq 2021: Context, Competing Forces, and Prospects.” The symposium will be held remotely in line with ongoing pandemic precautions.

The symposium explores the road to the early parliamentary elections in Iraq and what distinguishes these elections from others since 2003. It considers the position of the October revolution forces and the political map of the candidates and the policies and strategies of the Shi’i Islamists. In view of the changes that took place in the Iraqi legislative electoral law approved by the Iraqi parliament in December 2019, the symposium also seeks to explore the depth of these on vote counting and candidate prospects.

Iraq specialists including Harith Hassan, Haider Saeed, Rahim al-Agili, Abdul-Jabbar Al-Saidi, and Akeel Abbas will participate in the symposium.

The symposium will be held via Zoom and livestreamed across the ACRPS social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). Those wishing to participate in the symposium sessions, including specialists and academic researchers, as well as the general public, must register to participate in these sessions, according to the attached agenda.

To register for the seminar sessions, using the Zoom app, the agenda is attached (in Arabic).