The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies announces the publication of Issue Four of Omran (Spring 2013). Dr. Azmi Bishara is editor-in-chief of the journala peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary quarterly on the social sciences and humanities. The main theme for this latest edition of the journal is "The Dialectics of Social Integration and the Construction of the Nation-state within the Arab Homeland".

Authors who contributed articles include Abdulhamid Haniya, "The Building of a Territorial State in Tunisia and Morocco and its Mechanisms of Assimilation during the Modern Period (17th-19th centuries)";  Ahmad Baalbaki, "On a Promised Liberalism Confining Individuals' Integration into their Confessional Groups: A Case Study of Lebanon"; Walid Abdulhay, "A Model for the Measurement of Secessionist Tendencies among Minorities in the Arab World"; May Mujeeb, "The Social Integration of Copts in Revolutionary Egypt"; and Hani al-Maghliss, "The State and Social Integration in Yemen: Opportunities and Challenges".

 Studies focusing on other themes in this issue include Hamadi Thuwayeb "Islamists in Tunisia and the Status of Women: Between Theory and Practice"; Anwar Jamaoui, "Islamists in Tunisia and the Economic and Political Challenges of State Building"; and Huda Hawa on "The European Financial Crisis and the Problem of the Euro: An Analysis of Europe's Financial Crisis Management".

This issues book reviews and additional essays include Mohammed Jamal Barout, on Azmi Bishara's new intellectual project, as included in Religion and Secularism in Historical Context; Ali Abdelgadir Ali's review of Jalal Amin's The Story of Egypt's Economy;  Abdullah Hirhar's review of Rahhal Boubreik's The Age of the Tribe and the Dialectic between Authority and Violence in Desert Societies; Joumana Farahat's review of The Yemeni Revolution: Background and Opportunities (with contributions from multiple authors); Hessa al-Attiyah's review of Peter Gran's The Rise of the Rich; Rashid Jarmouni's review of the Arabic translation of Alain Touraine's A New Paradigm to Understand Today's World. 

In addition, the new edition of Omran also includes a concise set of the Second Annual Conference on the Social Sciences and Humanities proceedings from March 2013.

To obtain copies of this issue of Omran and other ACRPS publications, please visit the ACRPS Digital Bookstore (site in Arabic).