The fourth issue of the ACRPS's Siyasat Arabia (September 2013), a bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal that specializes in political science, international relations, and public policy in the Arab world, is now released. Given the continuous political developments in Egypt after July 30,the current issue includes studies, articles, reports, and book reviews with special focus on Egyptian affairs. The research papers included are: "Revolution against Revolution, the Street against the People, and Counter-Revolution" by Azmi Bishara; "The Muslim Brotherhood in the Post-Morsi Phase" by Khalil al-Asnani; "Governance in Egypt: Between the Army and the Muslim Brotherhood" by Amani al-Tawil; "From an Election to a Coup: A Reading of June 30" by Hani Awad; "Why Israel is Celebrating the Military Coup in Egypt" by Saleh al-Naami; "The Security Institutions and the Revolutionary Movement in Egypt" by Marwa Fikri; "The Egyptian Coup: Historic Comparisons" by Zoheir Hamedi; "January 2011 through July 2013: The Egyptian Army in the Heart of the Storm" by Bashir Abd al-Fattah; "The Tunisian ‘Tamarrod' Movement: Limits and Prospects" by  Anwar al-Jamaawi; "Explaining Military Responses to Revolutions" by Zoltan Barany; "The Syrian Problem Amidst the Maze of Regional and International Polarization" by the ACRPS Syrian Studies Unit; and "Presidential Elections in Iran: Significations and Challenges" by Rachid Yalouh.

This issue also includes a section about the Arab Opinion Index, including "Egypt: Demonstrations as an Alternative Research Tool As Political Parties Lose Popularity" written by Mohammad al-Masri, and offers reviews of the following books: Class Conflict in Contemporary Egypt, written by Ahmad Baha al-Din Shaaban and reviewed by Nerouz Satik; How and When I Stopped Being Jewish, written by Shlomo Sand and reviewed by Mahmoud Muhareb; January 25: Testimonies and Studies edited and prefaced by Saqr Abu Fakhr and reviewed by Khaled Walid Mahmoud; and The Revenge of Geography written by Robert Kaplan and reviewed by Saheem Al-Thani. The journal also chronicles the most significant milestones of democratic transition in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt, summarizing the Human Rights Watch report on the crackdown on the Rabiaa al-Adawiya square sit-in and presenting the latest Palestinian developments.

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