The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies is taking part in the 56th Beirut International Book Fair from December 3 to 16, 2012, and will display its complete roster of publications, roughly 30 specialist books. Some of these works are the efforts of individual scholars from a variety of Arab countries, while others are edited volumes that bring together the collected works of a group of researchers and scholars on a specific topic. Also on display at the ACRPS wing will be the first editions of the Center's two peer-reviewed academic journals, Omran, on the social sciences and humanities, and Tabayyun, a specialist journal on cultural and intellectual affairs.

The ACRPS' wing at the Beirut International Book Fair was met with wide popularity from readers and the Fair's other visitors, especially in terms of their academic value.

ACRPS titles available at the Beirut International Book Fair




Religion and Secularism in Historical Context,
Volume 1: Religion and Religiosity

Azmi Bishara

The Yemeni Revolution: Background and Prospects

Edited Volume

Desert Tourism: Developing the Desert in the Arab Homeland

Khalif Mustafa Gharaybeh

The Wikileaks Phenomenon: The Dialectic between the Media and Politics, the Virtual and the Real

Proceedings of an academic conference with contributions from 16 Arab and foreign researchers, edited by ACRPS Researcher Huda Hawa


Divine Crimes: Mass Genocide from the Hebrew Scriptures to the Zionist Project

Issam Sakhnini

Reflections on the Meaning of Palestine

Alain Gresh

The Great Arab Awakening: Its Cultural and Political Aspects

A collected volume of contributions from a number of Arab researchers, edited by Kamal Abdullatif and Walid Abdulhay

The Secession of South Sudan: Risks and Opportunities

A collection of articles in African affairs, especially the Nile Valley and Sudan

Turkish Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change

Aqeel Mahfoud

Northern Iraq from 1958 to 1975: A Political Study

Ammar Ali al-Samr

Financing Higher Education in Arab Countries

Edited and introduced by Ahmad Jalal and Taher Kanaan

Transformation of the Syrian Elite's Attitudes to Lebanon: 1920 to 2011

Shamsuddin al-Kailani

The Arabs and Turkey: Challenges of the Present and the Outlook for the Future

Collected articles of 23 Arab researchers

Tribal and Sectorial Phenomena in Contemporary Arab Society

Mohammed Najib Abu Taleb

Political Trends in Iran

Fatima Smadi

The Syrian Revolution's Virtual Realm: Specificities, Directions and the Mechanisms for the Creation of Public Opinion

Hamzeh Mustafa

The Egyptian Revolution: Motivations, Directions and Challenges

Selected group of researchers

The Past Decade in Syria: the Dialectic of Stagnation and Reform

Mohammed Jamal Barout

The Tunisian Revolution: Causes, Contexts and Challenges

Selected group of researchers

Australia and the Arabs

Ali al-Qizq

The Migration of Labor from the Arab Maghreb to Europe: the Case of the Netherlands

Hashim Nima Fayyad

Knowledge, Ideology and Cybernetics: Interactions and Stakes

Kamal Abdullatif

The Glorious Tunisian Revolution

Azmi Bishara

Civil Society

Azmi Bishara

A History of Historiography

Wajih Kawtharani

Gaza: Stay Human

Vittorio Arrigoni

The Sectarian Question and the Problem of Minorities

Burhan Ghalyun

The Arabs and Iran: A Historical and Political Review

Collected articles by a number of researchers

On Revolution and Susceptibility to Revolution

Azmi Bishara

Is there a ‘Coptic Question' in Egypt?

Azmi Bishara