The seventh Annual Conference on Democratic Transition will be held next Friday in Hammamet, Tunisia, focusing on External Factors and the post-2011 Democratic Transition in the Arab Region. The conference, which is being held by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies on 21-22 September 2018, examines the nature of regional and international roles and their impact on the transition to democracy in the Arab countries following the revolutions of 2011.

The academic committee for the conference received 75 research papers from different Arab countries and various disciplines. The academic review process, approved 22 papers, which will be discussed during the two-day conference in seven sessions covering topics that include theoretical aspects, Case Studies on the roles of Western countries, Russia and regional powers, the war on terror, and the roles of international financial institutions and international organizations.

The Annual Conference on Democratic Transformation is the capstone, annual event organized by the scholars within the Unit for the Study of Democratic Transformation and Transition in the Arab Countries. Between 2012 and 2017, the changing theme of this annual event has focused on: "Generation and Democratization"; "The Army and Politics during the Transition to Democracy". "Islamists and Democratic Governance: Experiments and Trends"; "Islamist Movements and Questions of Citizenship, the Nation and the State: Historical Precedents, Current Perspectives and Future Prospects"; "Democratic Governance: Sectarianism and the Manufacturing of Minorities in the Greater Arab Mashreq", and "Violence and Politics in Contemporary Arab Societies". The Arab Center publishes the conference proceedings and studies in books and journals.

The background paper and the Brochure are available to read in Arabic