Reports 30 April, 2012

Upcoming ACRPS Conference on Islamist politics in democratic systems


As part of a wide effort to bring attention to the pressing needs of Arab societies within the social sciences and humanities, the ACRPS will be holding an Academic Symposium on October 6 and 7, 2012 in Doha, Qatar, to examine "Islamists and Democratic Governance in the Transitional Stage of the Arab Revolutions".

With the spread of revolutions across the Arab countries, the participation of Islamist political movements in democratic processes is no longer restricted to hypothetical guessing games: it is now open to socio-political experimentation. This new reality, labored as it is with the baggage of previous theoretical discussions, has come to define the transitional stages of those Arab countries in which the revolutions have succeeded (or are at least likely to do so).

Participants in the Symposium will address the following: 

  • 1) Pre-revolutionary political alliances and participation: Researching, analyzing and evaluating past experiences
  • 2) Making deals: Islamists, political alliances, and political participation in re-born Arab societies;
  • 3) Salafism and Parliamentary Salafism: Observations in changing societies;
  • 4) Islamists and Questions of Citizenship in Democratic Systems; and
  • 5) Islamists and the Palestinian Question: The international and regional arenas

In addition to researchers who attend the conference to share their research, the symposium will play host to a number of active politicians who want to share their experiences of operating in Arab politics.

The symposium itself has the declared aim of facilitating greater communication between academics and political Islamists in Arab countries, with the hope of fostering good governance and the values of democracy and freedom within the Arab nation.

Further details can be obtained by emailing ACRPS researchers who are helping to organize the conference: Jamal Barout and Khaled Mahmoud