The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies held an academic symposium on the Yemeni revolution on the 18 and 19 February, 2012, entitled The Yemeni Revolution: Historical Background, Local Specificities, and Future Prospects. The meeting was well attended by a number of scholars and experts interested in Yemeni affairs, with a notable contingent coming from the country itself for the occasion.

Participants at the meeting, which tried to foreshadow the future social structure and body politic of Yemen,  addressed topics and present their research findings within the following themes: The Trajectory of Yemen through History and Yemen's Historical Significance; The Emergence of the Modern State in Yemen and the Role of Political Parties and Civil Society in Creating Change; Yemen's Economic Context; and other factors, such as tribalism and the role of women and youth, in the Yemeni revolution.

The symposium closed with a round-table discussion where participants were invited to discuss the topic "The Future of Yemen: Implications of a Post-revolutionary Reality".